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10 Myths About Those in Sales

The worst sales reps are the ones that give the sales profession a bad name.

Although there are definitely some bad salespeople out there, most of these myths are over-generalizations.

Here are 10 MYTHS about those in sales:

1) You have to have the “gift of gab” to sell.

2) We are unethical and liars.

3) Salespeople are in sales because they couldn’t get any other job.

4) We are lazy and don’t work hard.

5) We are uneducated.

6) You just need to be great at closing.

7) We’re pushy and cutthroat.

8) It’s EASY.

9) It’s ONLY about the money.

10) Extroverts make the best salespeople.

What other myths would you add?

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    Oof!! I’ve heard every single one of those. To quote Alec Baldwin in Glen Gary Glen Ross….I made $970,000 last year how much did you make? People dont believe it when I tell them how money we make in sales. Hahaha.

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