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10 Simple Strategies to Destroy Your Quota in The Holiday Months

Do you want to destroy your quota in these holiday months?

You 100% can if you have a strategy.

Here are 10 things you can do:

1. Make 10 more calls each day (more than your usual)

2. Go for 5 “no’s” on the phone before moving on

3. Ask for 5 referrals on every sales call regardless if you close or not

4. Research and prepare for 100% of your sales calls

5. Send 20 video DM’s/emails daily to new prospects

6. End each sales call by booking a firm next step with clear expectations for both sides.

7. Give 100% every day as you have 17% less days than a regular month

8. Roleplay daily with a peer – make it tough and real

9. Know your numbers and track them daily

10. Read and feed your mind daily – mindset is everything

Do these 10 and your chances of destroying your quota..


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