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10 Tips for Maximizing Productivity While Working Remote

If you haven’t worked remotely before, it’s harder than most expect and requires massive discipline to be productive.

Here are 10 tips to working remotely:

1. Build in a start and end time to the day.

2. Have a designated work area/room to work that is clear of clutter.

3. Block out noise with non-lyrical focus music. (I like the “Classical Music for Studying” list on Spotify)

4. Turn off notifications to apps that distract you from actually doing work. Ex: Outlook, Slack, IG, TikTok, etc.

5. Before you start your workday, write out your top 3-5 priorities for the day and structure out each hour for the day in your calendar as these should align with your priorities.

6. Plan out the tasks that require the MOST focus at the beginning of the day.

7. Take a break and stretch/move every hour for a minimum of 5 minutes.

8. Take a scheduled lunch break AWAY from the work area.

9. Put on a “work outfit” that’s different than what you slept in. You need to mentally shift your mind into “work” mode and dress helps.

10. Set expectations with family with how schedule looks. This also helps them hold you accountable too!

What would you add below?

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