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10 Truths About TOP Sales Professionals

Being in #sales, we can get a bad reputation…

Here are 10 TRUTHS about TOP sales professionals:

1. Taking care of our customers is priority #1.

2. We work as many hours as it takes to achieve the goals we have and that’s usually more than 40 hours/week especially when starting out. Yes, we usually outwork most people.

3. Our reputation in the marketplace is incredibly important to us.

4. We do what we say we will do.

5. One of the fastest ways to piss us off is to challenge our integrity.

6. We compete against ourselves on a daily basis.

7.  We seek critical feedback to get better.

8. We are never satisfied with where we are at or have achieved.

9. We can be obsessive and very particular about certain things but it’s only because we care.

10.  We need to feel mental growth or we get bored easily.

What would you add?

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