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11 Tactics You Can Do to Re-Engage Your Prospect if They GHOST You

I’m sure you’ve been there…

You have your first meeting with a potential client and it goes AMAZING! Everything flows so perfectly and you are both jiving together on exactly how your company’s solution can take care of their needs. You set up next steps and are excited for the future.

Suddenly…they disappear. You’ve called multiple times, left voicemails, and have emailed several times to “check in.”

You now figure they went with someone else and you move on…

I’m sure you’ve been there – I know I have. The reality is simply this: most average reps will make a couple phones calls, send a couple emails, and just give up. The scary part is that sometimes if a prospect ghosts you, it has nothing to do with you, your solution, or company! It could be timing or other uncontrollable reasons.

However, when you look at TOP REPS, they do NOT give up because they know they can help the prospect AND they also know that our prospects get busy with all THEIR own responsibilities. Top reps KNOW they must be creative in continuing to pursue the prospect until the timing is right!

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Therefore, here are 11 tactics you can use to re-engage your prospect that ghosts you! (These are not in any specific order)

  1. Send them a personalized gift
  2. Write them a handwritten letter or card
  3. Stop in and hand-deliver baked goods
  4. Connect with them on LinkedIn/Instagram/Facebook/*FUTURE SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM*
  5. Send them a message on the platform
  6. Send them a VIDEO message on the platform
  7. Send them an AUDIO message on the platform
  8. Send them an email with a relevant article based on what you have discussed in the first meeting
  9. Have your sales manager/director/VP call them
  10. Have your VP send a personal note and gift to them
  11. Work with the other people you know within the company to re-engage the prospect (if you don’t have other connections, CREATE THEM!)
  12. Etc., etc., etc.!

(P.S. on above: with some of the above you can multiply in multiple connection points such as the social media strategy; you can connect with them on all social media platforms AND send them different types of messages – this suddenly explodes 20+ tactics by doing so!)

The point of above is that you are only limited by your own creativity! The next time you are feeling stuck, just check yourself to think of other ways to keep going!

The point is don’t give up, be creative, and be persistent! 

Also, it may seem obvious, but you do want to exercise strong EQ here and NOT do all 11 tactics in one week as you’ll drive your prospect away!

The objective of this article is to give you different ways to continue to stay RELEVANT and CONNECTED to your prospect WITHOUT being PUSHY or OVERBEARING! Always think about your intent and how your messaging is coming across regardless of the medium. What are your thoughts? What are some creative ways you have rekindled a prospect gone cold? Make sure to like, comment, and share below!

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Marcus Chan, President / Founder of Venli Consulting Group, is an award-winning results and people-driven executive sales leader. Over the last decade, Marcus has been promoted 10X in 10 years and has been ranked in the top percentile of every company and every role he has been in.

He is passionate about helping others reach their maximum potential through high performance sales consulting and coaching. You can follow him on Instagram here for daily motivation! More information and a ton of cool resources are waiting for you here! 



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