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12 Tips to Avoid Sales Burn Out

Are you in sales and have you ever felt burnt out?

You’re not alone.

Stats show 34% of salespeople turn over on average.

That’s right: if 10 are hired, on average 3-4 will be gone within 12 months.

I can understand why.

Sales is HARD and is filled with rejection.

It can be EASY to feel burnt out.

And then want to quit.

Some are relying entirely on their company to help them get through the “burn out” feeling.

Those who are successful don’t wait.

Here are 12 things you can do to fight burnout:

1) Track your daily wins no matter how big or small.

2) Call your mentor or get a mentor.

3) Benchmark with a top rep.

4) Set short-term goals and reward yourself. (Daily or weekly)

5) Set a larger goal and reward yourself to have something to look forward to. (Quarterly)

6) Change up your work routine and how you do things.

7) Learn a new hobby on the side that has NOTHING to do with work.

8) Write a gratitude list out daily.

9) Exercise and get proper sleep.

10) Go on a date night once per week.

11) Volunteer and give back.

12) Self-educate and improve your skills.

Burnout may begin at work but it can be solved by what you do the rest of the day.

Do you agree?

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