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15 Essential Sales Habits That Require Zero Skill

One of the most important things you can do when you first start in #sales is to develop proper habits 💯

Habits will either make you or break you for future success!

Here are 15 key habits that you must develop that require ZERO skill:

1) Proper preparation for sales calls

2) Planning out your day to be filled with IPA’s (Income Producing Activities)

3) Having back up IPA plans in case of no-show’

4) Staying focused away from distractions and executing your plans.

5) Role playing and practicing your craft for mastery

6) Proper sleep, diet, and exercise for peak performance

7) Being on time/early for every appointment

8) Spending 80% of the time actively listening and asking questions on sales calls.

9) Taking detailed notes of each sales call

10) Properly documenting your sales call for future use

11) Keeping your work space/home office/car organized and tidy.

12) Following through with what you promise internal and external customers

13) Ensuring customer success after the deal is done

14) Spending time ONLY with sales pro’s/leaders that help you level up

15) Investing in your own knowledge and education

What would you add?

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