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15 Leadership Principles I Wish I Knew as a New Sales Manager

One of the hardest transitions is going from sales rep to manager.

Here are 15 leadership principles I wish I knew I started:

1. Provide a clear vision and direction

2. See the INVISIBLE to make it VISIBLE (See the potential and make it REAL)

3. Consistency in everything you do and lead by example

4. Provide EXECUTIVE COACHING–catch them doing something right and coach incorrect behaviors

5. Self-develop as a leader and seek feedback constantly-EXECUTE on feedback

6. Endear and engage their hearts and minds before any withdrawals

7. Always do the RIGHT thing even when it doesn’t feel like the BEST thing

8. Hire people better than you, invest in them, and coach up/out energy vampires

9. Remove obstacles for success and lead each person how they want to be led

10. Own successes and failures–NO EXCUSES

11. Build sustainable, repeatable, and scalable processes for a WINNING CULTURE

12. Overcommunicate to your people and never overpromise

13. Inspect what you expect

14. Anticipation of the future is the ultimate power and your routine should focus on the 20% of tasks that drive 80% of our results!

15. Be humble and EARN TRUST with every interaction

And obviously ones like honesty, integrity, etc. are a given.

What would you add?




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