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15 Things to Stop Doing to Become Successful in Sales

Many people want to be successful in sales.

So I often get asked:

“What should I start doing?”

The truth is, even though STARTING things are important..

What’s more important are the things to STOP doing.

If you want to be massively successful in sales..

Here’s my top 15 list of things to STOP DOING.


🚫 Complaining

🚫 Blaming

🚫 Procrastinating

🚫 Hanging with energy vampires

🚫 Not having a daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly plan

🚫 Not knowing your numbers

🚫 Not working on yourself personally and professionally

🚫 Not asking for help

🚫 Going to bed late

🚫 Waking up late

🚫 Filling your body with junk food

🚫 Filling your mind and soul with negative media

🚫 Doubting yourself

🚫 Worrying about things outside of your control

🚫 Waiting for someone to change your situation

Stop doing these 15 things and your life will change.

And you’ll sell more guaranteed.

Do you agree?

PS Watch my free training to help. 

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  1. nitesh says:

    Brilliant pieces of advice.😀👍

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