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Becoming the Author of Vision

I could feel the team’s anxiety and nervousness as I sat with one rep as they all started their phone session for the day.

It’s tough enough having your manager sit with you but your director..

I knew this but also knew I could help.

The team would typically average 4-5 appointments booked per rep in a normal session.

In the past, I had heard the STORIES created in their minds that they were a “small market” with “less opportunity and smaller deals” and as a result couldn’t book as many appointments as a “big market.”

I listened quietly as the team quietly dialed.

After I heard each dial, I’d coach, guide, praise, and tweak.

Rinse and repeat.

I switched to a different rep every 30 minutes.

Nothing I tweaked or coached on was a major shift or change.

End result?

The team averaged close to 12 APPOINTMENTS BOOKED PER REP in the same amount of time as usual, 240% higher than they had ever been.

The team was FIRED UP and went into the field with even more momentum closing a ton of business as well!

As a leader, sometimes the most important job of yours is helping your people remove limiting beliefs and write a BETTER STORY.

Do you agree?

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