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The Partier vs. The Professional

One of my favorite shows is “Ballers” on HBO featuring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson! 💯

On the show there are two types of athletes:

-The Partier: they’re drinking, spending tons of 💰, living a lavish lifestyle, and doing things that I shouldn’t put on LinkedIn 🤦. In the off season, you can find them at the club vs. the gym.

And then there’s the…

-The Professional: They are the complete opposite – they are careful with diversified investments, live on a clean diet, and most importantly, they are working on their craft. They are putting in EXTRA time in the gym, field, etc. so once the season starts, they’re WINNING!

The Partier has a short lifecycle that eventually goes bankrupt while the Professional lasts for years and builds a legacy.

Apply this to sales:

Are you the “Partier” that just lives in the short term of deal to deal?

Changing jobs as your “lifecycle” ends?

Sees a sales job as a sales job?


Are you the “Professional” that works on your craft after hours?

The one that constantly is looking to improve their game and their edge?

The one that self-educates meticulously and looks to build a thriving career?

At the end of the day, you have a choice.

Which are you?

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