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3 Most Common Mistakes Reps Make

Scott Barker’s The Forecast is a MUST subscribe.

On last Friday’s, he shared 5 of the MOST COMMON mistakes reps make.

This is based on data from Replayz’s CEO, Dave Kennet.

3 of the TOP mistakes are based on sales reps NOT asking questions.

The right questions at the right time.

This leads to stalled or lost deals.

The truth is, your ability to sell has very little to do with how well you pitch.

It has EVERYTHING to do with how well you ask questions.

If you want to sell more, ask better questions.

This is why I’m putting on a FREE webinar to help.

I’ll be teaching 3 key secrets:

✅How to Sell More and Earn More by Mastering the Art of Asking the Right Questions

✅How to Figure Out the Right Questions Without Years of Trial and Error So You Can Establish Credibility as an Expert, Shorten Your Sales Cycle, and Close MORE Deals FASTER

✅How to Thrive in Sales Regardless of the Economy, Your Industry, or Any Other Circumstances So Your Family and You Can Live the Life You All Deserve

There are limited seats.

Save your seat here.

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