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3 Pillars to Closing More Deals

If you want to close and earn more in 2022..

Here are 3 levers to pull:

1️⃣ Increase the DEAL SIZE

Here are a few simple ways:

  • Target larger opportunities
  • Expand current accounts with more products or new divisions
  • Increase your pricing
  • Increase your LTV
  • Target cash-rich industries
  • Etc.

2️⃣ Improve Your CLOSING RATIO

Here are a few simple ways to do it:

  • Improve your Discovery: 80%+ asking questions and no pitching
  • Start with the C-suite first to get executive sponsorship and THEN move down the chain (Top to bottom)
  • Multi-thread like no other and gain buy-in before trying to close
  • Over-prepare with research before every call
  • Ask the tough questions to move deals forward
  • Master objection-handling
  • Etc.

3️⃣ Increase Your ACTIVITY

This should be obvious but here are a few examples:

  • More calls
  • More emails
  • More outbound messages
  • Etc.

The truth is, closing more sales is quite simple.

It’s NOT easy BUT it’s simple 😆

Average reps and leaders will focus primarily on just 3 – high activity.

Touting the “Hustle” culture.

This leads to burnout and a high attrition rate…

Top reps and leaders will leverage ALL 3 consistently.

This leads to reduced stress and peak performance.

Less effort, more PRECISION, and more REVENUE.

As you prepare for 2022, I hope you use these strategies to help ensure it’s a banner year for you.

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