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3 Predictions for Sales Skills Essential for 2020

2020 is going to SUCK for some salespeople.😭

2020 is going to be AMAZING for others.💯

🔥With the new year right around the corner, I predict there are 3 ESSENTIAL SKILLS every salesperson needs to have for success in 2020:

1) Copywriting: You need to be able to capture attention quickly with your copy and get your point across whether it’s via email or Inmails. This can be to cold prospects, warm prospects, etc. Point is, can you communicate your points outside of speaking?

2) Creativity: As part of cutting through the noise, being CREATIVE and INTERESTING is KEY. Ex: Video messages are 🔥 and fun! How can you be MORE CREATIVE in getting in front of your prospects?

3) Customer Service: You can’t just close it and move onto the next one. If you can, then your role will be eventually outsourced to Amazon. Customers AKA people crave a positive onboarding experience and hate chatbots or phone trees. The experience must be positive the entire time to increase the Lifetime Customer Value.

What other skills can we add to the list? What skills do you need for sales success in 2020?

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P.S. You still need to be great at sales fundamentals such as prospecting, cold calling, discovery questions, closing, etc. 📞 Grab my free training here!

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