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35% of Reps Are Missing Quota in 2020

I saw a stat that said 35% of reps are missing quota in 2020.

That’s insane 🤯

Some blame high company standards.

Some blame poor or lack of company training.

Some blame the economy.

These all could be true.

However, it doesn’t change the fact quota is still being missed.

As a salesperson, you CANNOT change any of the above.

So if you’re missing quota, you’re not gonna like this..

STOP complaining 🛑

It won’t lower your quota and it won’t change above.

Instead, focus on increasing YOUR SKILLS.

Learn to sell better.

Sell more.

And sell BIGGER deals.

Then you’ll NEVER worry about quota.

You’ll be thinking about how to spend your big checks!

Do you agree?

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