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Don’t Trust Sales Gurus on LinkedIn

Don’t trust “sales gurus” on LinkedIn.😵

As my friend, Belal Batrawy says-death to fluff.

I’ve seen some bad advice being given out on LinkedIn.

I’ve seen it a lot and it’s scary.

Remember this:

✅A large following does NOT equate to expertise.

✅Telling you what you want to hear will NOT help you sell.

✅A LI profile is WRITTEN by them – Facts AND fiction.

The key is treat the way you absorb knowledge like how you buy on Amazon..

Read the reviews first.

In this case, read the Recommendations section.

BUT – read it for details and specifics that people write.

You can tell when it’s just a surface level recommendation.

If there are detailed specifics and LOTS of recommendations, it reduces your risk significantly.

Then you can make a choice to listen or not.

Don’t trust “gurus” – trust proven experts.

Do you agree?

P.S. I’m direct and hate fluff so I teach you tactics and strategies that actually work. Link to my free webinar here!

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