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How to Take the Power Back

I’m a huge superhero nerd.

One of my favorite superheroes is SpidermanšŸ•·

Spiderman’s Uncle Ben is famous for saying:

“With great power comes great responsibility”

This is a pretty well-known quote.

And it’s absolutely true.

However, have you thought about the REVERSE?

“With great RESPONSIBILITY comes great POWER”

When you take FULL responsibility for everything…

Then great POWER comes with it.

Let’s take #sales as an example:

If you complain about prospects not responding..

And you are blaming them, the economy, etc..

You can shift that to taking full responsibility in:

āœ…Learning to write better copy

āœ…Doing more research

āœ…Personalizing more

āœ…Using custom videos

āœ…Changing up your approach


Now YOU have the power over your future.

Not your prospect.

Not the economy.

Or anything or anyone else.

Take responsibility today for a better tomorrow.

Take the power backšŸ‘Š

Do you agree?

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