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When I Was Told to “Just Quit” After Another Record-Breaking Year

“If you don’t like it, YOU CAN QUIT!”

I was flabbergasted as this exec stared me in the eyes.

I started seeing red and my entire body tensed up.

I had just come off another record-breaking year.

We had fought through a lot of adversity in the past year..

But still finished off as one of the top in the company.

There were some changes coming on the horizon.

Changes I didn’t agree with.

The exec asked for my opinion.

I did it professionally but I gave it to them straight.

They did not like it.

And that’s when the exec told me to quit.

My boss was sitting next to me.

I could see the blood drain from their face.

The exec continued to berate me.

I held back my anger.

I sat there quietly and let it happen.

The exec left after they were done.

Years later, I still remember it vividly like it was yesterday.

It’s a great reminder that..

People may forget what you said.

But they’ll NEVER forget how you made them feel.

Do you agree?

PS More details if you want to know what changes they wanted to make in the comments.

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  1. Tony says:

    So what were the changes?

    1. 6x6 Success says:

      So the company wanted to consolidate my operation with another operation since the lease was up on my building. Given that it was to increase profitability, I understood the business reasoning behind it.

      I was asked to go work for my peer that I had been out-performing. Even though it was the same title, it felt like a demotion. Add in the fact that the peer was incredibly egotistical and condescending..

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