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Handling the “I Need to Think About It” Closing Objection

You just presented the pricing and offer to your prospect.

You anxiously await their response.

You see them smile and about to respond.

You can feel the anticipation right before you close a deal..

The excitement of a new partnership.

And of course, the commission.

They smile and say “Sounds great, let me think about it.”

Your stomach turns.

At this point, most average reps say:

“Sure, when should I follow up?” or..

“Sure, how long do you want to think about it?”

Or something along those lines.

Don’t ask that.

Instead, ask this:

“Sure, what EXACTLY do you need to think about?”

Stop talking.

Dig in.

“Tell me more”

Get CLARITY on exactly what it is.

Then either handle the REAL objection or..

Set clear next steps to progress it forward.

When done with the proper tone and tact..

You’d be surprised on how often you’ll close right after it..

Or how much shorter your sales cycle becomes.

By simply asking clarifying questions.

Do you agree?

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