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4 Steps to Maximize Your New Sales Territory in the First 30 Days

The worst mistake you can do after taking over a new territory is to run blindly into your territory hoping to get results😰

That’s equivalent to going on a road trip with mud all over your windshield🙈

You may or may not get to your destination.

Here’s a simple 4 step roadmap to help you maximize your results in the first 30 days of a new territory:

1. Identify exactly who your target prospect is: You can’t hit a target if you are unclear with what it is. Get focused on who you are going after.

2. Review existing CRM data for low-hanging fruit: What accounts are in the funnel that past reps worked on that just need more nurturing? What opportunities are about to be opened as the prospect has been warmed up enough?

3.  Identify your largest prospects in your territory and start seeding them immediately: these deals could be 12-36 months down the line and the earlier you start engaging, the greater your chances are of winning them.

4. 10X your activity in the first 30 days: Maximize your Income Producing Activities in the first 30 days and it will pay you dividends 3-6 months down the line.

What would you add?

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