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5 Simple Strategies to Max Your Sales Comp Plan

Do you want to max your sales comp plan?

I’m sure you do.

The truth is, most never do..

And if you want to, you MUST be PROACTIVE with it.

Here are 5 simple strategies to max your sales comp plan:

1. Review your comp plan with the highest-paid rep.

Learn HOW they think, process, and act on it.

2. Audit and FILL your weekly routine with IPA’s.

Be honest – 80%+ MUST be Income-Producing Activities.

3. Set DIG’s – Daily Income Goals.

Celebrate the wins and learn from the losses.

4. Be disciplined to the routine.

Execute, execute, execute.

5. Track and review weekly where you stand.

What gets measured gets improved.

Some say “money isn’t everything”

It isn’t.

But it sure has hell makes life a lot easier 😃

Do you agree?

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