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5 Steps to Get Your Head Back in the Sales Game After a Rough Day

(That Doesn't Require A Xanax and will take 10 Minutes MAX to Do!)

Sales is tough and is full of up’s and down’s. One moment you are on cloud 9 because you just closed an account and are fired up!

Next moment you feel like your teeth are getting bashed on and the rejection is painful.

Oh – and the REJECTION. A lot of rejection. It may take talking to 100 people to secure 10 potential meetings. Out of the 10 meetings, maybe 2 will end up closing.

It is a rollercoaster of emotions and if it was easy, then everybody would do it!

Here’s the reality, no matter how skilled you are, the down moments are never fun and everyone has a different way to deal with the pressure of sales.

Some go towards needing a drink.

Some go towards meds.

Some just go dark and allow it to overwhelm them ultimately leading to a decline for weeks or months.

What I found is that when we have that tough day, we end up going into a dark place and start questioning ourselves. So instead of doing that, do the below 5-step method; this simple process will ultimately allow you to reflect on the day and reprogram how you PERCEIVE the day as that is what is the true issue you are running into! So after your next tough day, grab a notepad, pen, and get by yourself and do the following:

1.) 10 Deep Full Breathes In – You heard me: 10 full deep diaphragm breaths in and a full exhalation out. Focus 100% on filling your lungs up and exhaling all the way out 10 times in a row. By starting with this meditative technique, you are pumping your body full of oxygen and refocusing your attention to YOU! You’ll see after 4-5 deep breaths, you’ll already start FEELING better!

2) List our 3 things you learned and how you will apply it – Next, grab your notepad and ask yourself, “What did I learn today and how will I apply it?” No matter how BAD you perceive your day, I guarantee you still learned something! If nothing comes to mind, ask yourself another question: ” If someone else was to observe me, what would they learn from my day?” Here’s a good example: if you had all your appointments cancel on you, it may be hard to perceive any learning. However, it could mean you learned to send outlook invites to them, call them in advance to confirm, and plan back up places to visit! There is always something to learn and when you shift your focus to that, so does your energy!

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3) List out 3 things you made progress on – At this point you should be feeling progress in feeling better. Next you ask yourself, “What are 3 things I moved the ball on or had progress with?” List out ANY and all things you made progress on NO MATTER the distance! It could be uncovering the name of a decision-maker on a major account you’re trying to get into, it could be you secured an appointment with a business you’ve dropped by dozens of times on, etc. Often times after a long day, we’ve forgotten about some of these micro-wins that are critical to recognize!

4) List out 3 things you are grateful for – Next you write out 3 things you are grateful for. These do not have to have anything to do with sales. For example, if it was sunny out or your health is good or your kid had a good progress report, etc! It is very powerful to focus on gratitude as it pulls your head out of the negative mind space!

5) List out 3 things you are excited about for tomorrow – Just ask yourself, “What am I excited about for tomorrow or what could get me excited for about tomorrow?” Now we are future-pacing our thought process and getting ourselves to pull our head completely out of the day!

Boom – so after these 5 steps, which should take no more than 10 minutes, you’ll automatically see visually on your notepad a completely different perspective from what you had before you started this exercise! You may find that you only need 3 of the steps to reprogram your perception of the day!

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Marcus Chan, President / Founder of Venli Consulting Group, is an award-winning results and people-driven executive sales leader. Over the last decade, Marcus has been promoted 10X in 10 years and has been ranked in the top percentile of every company and every role he has been in.

He is passionate about helping others reach their maximum potential through high performance sales consulting and coaching. You can follow him on Instagram here for daily motivation! More information and a ton of cool resources are waiting for you here! 


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