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5 Strategies to Supercharge Your Sales Before New Year’s 2020

(Without getting bogged down by the myth of holiday slow-down's while also ensuring you crush your goals before AND after the holidays!)

It’s November 6th, 2019 as of the date I’m writing this article. If it hasn’t happened yet, it will.

Yes, we are heading into holiday season with Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, Hanukkah, etc. and with that comes the following typical objections:

“Call me after the holidays”

“I’m swamped until after the new year”

“We redo budgets at the new year, call me then”

Etc., etc., etc. What also starts to show up are the following MYTHS that AVERAGE salespeople start saying – if you listen closely, it sounds like this:

“Well…this is just what happens. No one hits quota in December.”

“I’m just gonna take the month off because no one is gonna buy.”

“They’re too busy for me. I’ll just call them in the New Year.”

These are all MYTHS! If you are guilty of saying or thinking these things, haven’t you ever noticed that SOMEHOW there are still some reps who absolutely CRUSH November, December, and January? Haven’t you noticed that some reps just CRUSH IT no matter what? Isn’t it strange these MYTHS don’t apply to them?

Here’s are 5 TRUTHS about selling during the holidays:

  1. There ARE less business days to sell to during this time of year due to holidays.
  2. People have the SAME amount of work the usually do but with LESS time to do it.
  3. Prospects definitely SPEND MONEY this time of year – where do you think presents come from?
  4. Some prospects will take vacations this time of year and depending on which holiday and what day of the week it falls, there may be days before and after for vacation too.
  5. With less business days to sell due to vacations and holidays, it simply means this: YOU MUST GET BETTER AND SECURING APPOINTMENTS AND CREATING URGENCY TO CLOSE!

I’m not saying it’s easy but when prospects have the same amount of work but less days to do it, you are FIGHTING for time on their calendar. Therefore, it’s this simple formula to crush the holidays:


Sounds easy, right? Well, let me help you out with 5 very specific strategies you can start RIGHT NOW to ensure you dominate the rest of this year and start of 2020 strong:

1.) Incentive Bonus – Make a list of your top 10 largest opportunities that you have already loaded into the funnel and are RIGHT THERE to close. Next, work closely with your sales leader to identify what type of incentive bonus you can provide them IF they close before the new year!

(Note: NOT A DISCOUNT as you don’t want to devalue your solution – I’m all about providing massive value! Think: what is something of ADDITIONAL value that I can offer to create urgency to take action? It could be an extra product, a trial service, etc.) Once you’ve established that, call all 10 opportunities and book appointments to present the additional “closing bonus” before it goes away! If you have more than 10 that you can get approved, EVEN BETTER!

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2.) Do 5 More Cold Calls Each Day Until The New Year – Think about this for a second: doing 5 more is NOT a lot as it simply takes discipline! If you do 5, here’s how the math works out:

    • 5 Cold Calls X 31 Business Day (I even included vacations and holidays here so it’s actually more but being conservative here) = 155 EXTRA Cold Calls
    • If you book 1 out of 15 cold calls = 10 Appointments Booked

Regardless of your closing ratio, you have now loaded 10 ADDITIONAL opportunity meetings into your funnel that you did not have before! Some may close before the new year and some will close after – that doesn’t even include the other 145 opportunities that may still get booked for future appointments! The beautiful MAGIC of compounding!

3.) Send/Deliver 1 present per day to a NEW LARGE opportunity – In every industry, there are certain large accounts that take time to work and to get into. Utilize the same principle to send/deliver a present to the decision-maker! The present can be anything that is relevant to your industry but ultimately you want to secure an appointment with them after so it must be of value!

If we did the same math as above with 31 days – 31 EXTRA opportunities are now loaded into your funnel, in which you’ll probably book easily 50% of these if there is value in the present and great follow up!

4.) Plan EFFECTIVELY for the day before AND after any of the holidays – The day before or after any of the holidays can be a tricky one if you are NOT careful; it could end up being a wasted day of “admin work.” Don’t fall for that – make it INCOME PRODUCING by planning ahead. It could be the following:

    • Call/Gift Blitzes: Drive the inputs that will help pay off in the long-run! Businesses are still open – they may just have less staff on hand!
    • Roleplay Sessions: Take advantage of the time to practice mastery – work with your team and sales leader to get better at your craft as that ultimately helps the second part of the above formula for crushing your sales quota!

5.) Plan YOUR Vacation – What? Did you think I’m just a workaholic? Well, a little bit πŸ™‚ BUT, it’s important to have things to look forward to as well! Plan time for your family and you so you can recharge. If you plan ahead, then you can execute strategies 1-4 above relentlessly with #5 to look forward to! This will help keep you on your game for the long run!

So there you have it – 5 strategies you can execute today to help you maximize the rest of 2019 and start 2020 strong by helping you close more business, loading EVEN more into your funnel, and increasing your skill sets! What are your thoughts? Make sure to like, comment, and share below!

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