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How Chris Went From the Worst to the Best in 2 Months and Earned a 1000% ROI Off His Initial Investment

Have you ever thought about giving up on sales completely?

You’re not alone especially if you’re not happy with your results..

I know I personally almost quit sales everyday for the first 90 days of my sales career 😂

Chris, one of my students, was feeling the same way.

He had been in sales for years but never seemed to ever get to the top..

Or if he was able to get close to the top…

He was never able to maintain it.

Chris actually reached a breaking point over 4 months ago:

He was the worst on the team..

Wasn’t making the money wanted..

And he second guessed if he should even stay in sales..

Then we started working with him.

With 30 days, he started booking WAY more meetings and started closing more!

(He actually even earned back his initial investment with us within 30 days)

Chris continued to execute and refine his entire sales process.

2nd month in and he hit #1 on his team!

Something he had never done before!

He was booking more appointments, closing more deals, BIGGER deals, and FASTER.

In <4 months, he’s already earned a 1000% ROI.

Chris’ confidence has gone up and now his wife and him are looking to buy a house!!

(Something he didn’t think would be possible for years especially in the expensive Seattle market)

The truth is, Chris has ALWAYS had the potential inside him.

He thought he didn’t though..

But the truth is that he just didn’t have the clear path, direction, and strategy to get there.

Once he had it, he just executed and now his life is better than ever.

And he’s sure glad he didn’t go into Customer Success now 😂

AND his wife too 😂😂😂😂

BTW, if you want to get results like Chris and are interested the exact system that got him earning 5-figure months within 30 days, message me INNER CIRCLE.

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