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6 Myths That Hold Salespeople Back From Making 6-Figures+ in Sales

WARNING: Some of you are not going to like this article.

I’m ok with that.

However, if you want to make six-figures+ and beyond, I’ll be calling out some COMMON myths and EXCUSES. (If you live in a high cost-of-living city, it’s about making multiple six-figures+ as the same myths apply)

Still with me?

Ok, good. Let’s keep going.

First off, let’s make sure I’m clear: It’s NOT always about the money. HOWEVER, usually if you are making a high six-figure+ income in a B2B sales role, chances are pretty good that…

  • You’re ranked pretty high in the company.
  • You’re winning awards.
  • You’re getting decent recognition.
  • You’re one of the first people thought of for promotions.
  • You have freedom of CHOICE of how to spend the money you make. This can be from the homes you want to buy, cars you want to have, vacations you want to take, education for your kids, etc.
  • You’re making a positive impact and helping take care of a ton of clients.
  • Etc, etc, etc.

(The truth is, whatever you are motivated by whether it’s upward mobility, recognition, etc., the money simply comes as a “side effect” when you’re at the top of your sales game!)

After working, leading, and developing countless B2B reps over the last decade, I’ve found those who struggle to actually hit six-figures consistently BELIEVE the same myths.

Let’s dive into these 6 myths:

1 ) “I need to be slimy or unethical”

Are there unethical reps? For sure. There are bad people in every industry.

However, I’ve found the MOST successful reps live by strong values. Ethics are usually very HIGH on the list. Top reps are usually quite direct and transparent with prospects as they want to ensure there is clarity with the prospect, the product/solution, etc.

2 ) “I need to work an insane amount of hours per week”

This is a pretty common myth. Do top performers work hard? They sure do. However, some of the biggest differences are that top performers are more EFFECTIVE and PRODUCTIVE with their week. They’ll still put the work in but they know exactly what levers to pull to create the greatest impact. They also CUT OUT anything that is non-essential and a waste of time.

Think about it: How many top performers do you see making 25 dials per an hour? THEY DON’T. They are MORE effective with every dial and convert at a significantly higher rate!

3 ) “I need years of experience”

This is an easy myth to believe as I did too especially when I started in sales…then I started meeting reps who were 22-23 years old making $150K-225K+/year!

These reps didn’t have 10+ years of experience! They definitely worked hard but they focused on mastery of their craft. They focused on being more effective with every single part of the sales process from prospecting calls, discovery, closing, and beyond! These reps treated their job as a CAREER so as a result, they got BETTER RESULTS than everyone else!

4 ) “My company doesn’t give me enough training and support”

That could be true that your company doesn’t give you the right training and support. The fact is, most companies do NOT do a good job with this. Can we wish that they would provide more training? For sure.

BUT wishing doesn’t change your situation. The ones who pursue their own training and development are the ones who generate high incomes. They find ways to self-educate from books, courses, coaches, etc. In today’s world, your own investment in your own growth will pay you the highest dividends.

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5 ) “The economy is bad”

Yes, our economy is going through turmoil right now. That is true – HOWEVER, think through history all the major recessions our world has gone through:

  • 2008
  • 2001
  • 1990
  • 1981
  • Etc.

In EVERY SINGLE RECESSION, there have been salespeople and PEOPLE who have thrived DESPITE the circumstances. Does it mean it will be easy?

Of course not.

It may mean changing strategies or tactics to thrive in the new environment. In fact, I know MANY sales pros who are CRUSHING IT. Remember that making multiple six-figures in anything is NOT supposed to be easy otherwise everyone would be doing it 😀

6 ) “The Pandemic”

Yes, you are 100% right – the pandemic has hit the world and the impact is VERY much real. Remember this: YOU cannot change the circumstances you are currently in BUT you can change your actions to adapt to thrive. If you want to achieve different results, you must put forth different consistent efforts.

Also, here’s the reality: some salespeople are in industries, in which they are NOT able to create a new offer and their industry will NOT survive at all. Specifically, there is a ZERO percent chance of survival unless the company does a MAJOR change. (Think Blockbuster Video not adapting over a decade ago) This is the sad truth for some…

If that is you, do not forget this: You can always pivot and find a new industry to sell for! This is the beauty of being a top sales professional: sales skills are 100% transferable so you can go crush it in a new industry!

So you can either keep complaining about how your industry got destroyed OR you can do something about it. You ALWAYS have a choice whether you realize it or not. Your circumstances only determine where you start and NOT where you go!

So there you have it: 6 Myths That Hold Salespeople Back From Making 6-Figures+ in Sales! At the end of the day, hopefully you have now realized that you have more control that you may believe. The only thing holding you back from achieving multiple six-figures are the excuses you tell yourself!

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