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6 Reasons Why People Don’t Respond to Your Calls or Emails

It’s hard to not get emotional in sales.

Especially with top-of-the-funnel work.

Making cold calls.

Sending emails.

Sending DM’s.

And sometimes you’ll get zero responses.

It’s hard to not take it personally as sales is your livelihood.

So it’s important to pause..

And understand why your prospect may not be getting back to you.

As this helps you improve your messaging and your results.

AND it also helps you understand that it’s often not personal.

Here are 6 common reasons they aren’t responding:

1) Your messaging isn’t relevant to them.

2) Your messaging doesn’t speak to them.

3) They don’t see the value. (May be tied to 1 or 2 above)

4) The timing may be bad. (Could be personally or professionally)

5) Your messaging didn’t make them curious.

6) They’re not actually a qualified prospect.

What would you add? 👇🏼

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