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6 Simple Steps to Help You Sell BETTER Via Zoom

(Or any video calling software)

For some, selling via a video call is a foreign world📹

Like it or not, it’s now going to be a normal part of many sales pros’ reality 🗺

Here are 6 simple ways to help you sell BETTER via Zoom:

1. Dress the part: Look PRO and not like you just got out of bed. Yes: brush your teeth, shave, change, etc.

2. Clean Environment: Make sure the area around you is clean, tidy, and professional. It represents your brand when your prospect can see it all via the camera.

3. Quality Headphones, Mic, and Camera: The better your prospect can see and hear you, the greater your chances of closing. A muffled mic or low grade camera degrades from the sales call experience!

4. Proper Lighting: Check your lighting and toy with angles. If it’s too bright or too dark, it distracts from the sales call experience as well!

5. Run It Like a F2F Sales Process: All the normal parts of a sales process of building rapport, setting an agenda, etc. should still be done!

6. Upshift your skill: When you don’t get that F2F interaction, you lose some of those opportunities to gain trust through normal body language. That means your sales skills need to be on POINT the entire time so..invest in your skills!

What tips would you add?

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