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6 Strategies to Execute On Within the First 30 Days of a New Territory to Maximize Results

Whether you just transitioned to a new territory, changed companies, or took on more sales territory, it is always an exciting time for sales professionals! However, depending on the size of the territory it may also be overwhelming! What I often see are reps immediately heading into the field with no real strategy or plan…Fast forward three to six months later and their results could be good or bad! As Russell Wilson says:

“The separation is in the preparation!”

With that being said, here are 6 strategies that must be executed on within the first 30 days that will launch your results and fill your funnel quickly for the short and long term:

1.) Map out the exact borders of your territory. Before playing any game, I like to know exactly what the parameters there are so I can play to win! A sales territory is no different. You want to know exactly where you can sell to and where the cutoff is to another rep’s territory. There is nothing more frustrating than working a deal to close only to uncover you prospected in someone else’s territory!

2.) Identify your ideal target prospect in your territory. Every territory may have slightly different types of prospects from industry, size, needs, who would make the decision with the organization, etc. Map out what your ideal prospect looks like that would buy from your organization. This will help you focus your energy in the right areas so you can meet with qualified prospects instead of just arbitrary calling on prospects! This will help you hunt with a “sniper rifle” instead of a “shotgun.”

3.) Review existing CRM data for low-hanging fruit. Depending on your organization, you probably have some sort of CRM system that helps with managing a sales funnel and prospects. This is a great place to look for low-hanging fruit of former prospects that may have been presented to and just need massive follow up to close or even warmer leads of places that have been targeted and marketed to in the past. Utilizing the existing CRM system to identify these low-hanging fruits are a great way warm up the territory for some easy closes! This is how to work smart and hard!

4.) Seek out tribal knowledge about the territory. Yes, you heard me – tribal knowledge! As much as we wish every sales professional put EVERYTHING into their CRM system whether it is Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, etc., not everything will make it in there. AND there is always someone within the business that has been around for a while that knows WHO the best prospects are. They could be those unicorn accounts that everyone wants to close but have not or large accounts that have been lost in the past! The point being is that people know about these accounts and talk about them too. Check with your sales leader and other people in the organization as they may be able to provide you some awesome direction on identifying who they are so you can go after them immediately!

5.) Identify the LARGEST target prospects in the territory and seed them immediately! So after you’ve completed Steps 1-3, you should have a clear understanding of some key areas to target. What you also want to now is strategically plan out how you can build out your funnel for 6 to 36 months from now. The way to that is simply identifying who the BIGGEST accounts area; this can be as simple as googling “largest businesses in (insert the city and state).” Look for the top 15-25 largest businesses and seed them with something to get their attention. These prospects usually have a complex selling process and will require time to work. By starting early, this will give you time to work them every single month and ultimately loading up your funnel’s opportunity dollars.

6.) 10X your activity in the first 30 days! Now that you’ve have very specific direction on where to focus on your territory from low hanging fruit to your largest prospects, now it’s time to put the work in! The key is to maximize your activity as much as possible early on so you can learn the territory and create momentum. Imagine it this way: if you had to push your car down the street; you would exert a TON of energy to get the car moving at first but once you have MOMENTUM, it requires less energy to keep it moving! Your funnel is the same way – when I first took over my territory years ago, I learned most people would go cold call businesses face-to-face in their first week. I learned most people did 30-40 cold calls this way in the week. I did 300+ my first week. I then repeated that 3 more weeks in a row and ultimately injecting 1200+ new prospects into my funnel! You can imagine how that super-charged my funnel; you can do the same with phone work, email work, etc.!

So there you have it: 6 Strategies to Execute On Within the First 30 Days of a New Territory to Maximize Results! If you liked this article, feel free to share and comment below. Also, if you want to close deals faster, make sure to snag my free Ultimate Closer Training Program below!

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