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6 Simple Ways to Improve Your Cold Calling Sessions Immediately

Cold calling on the phones can scare the most confident of sales people. This is why so many sales people avoid doing it. The reality of cold calling is that it is uncomfortable…but absolutely necessary for sustainable sales success! In a world of technology, in which people are emailing or direct messaging you on social media, those mediums have become very BUSY and NOISY. Those who do the hard and uncomfortable things such cold calling are the ones who truly stand out and earn the business! So here are 6 Simple Ways to Improve Your Cold Call Sessions Immediately:

  1. Prepare with a Targeted List: Many reps will use a CRM system of some sort and have a list of potential businesses they pull up – that’s only half the battle. Get granular and specific with your list and think of these specific questions:
    • What industries are most likely to see value in my product/service? (Ex: Food processing, industrial, pest control, etc.)
    • What size of businesses in those industries are most worth my time? (Ex: Annual revenue of $1M+)
    • What are the NAMES of the decision-makers of each of the businesses?
    • What relevant information do I have about the decision-makers and businesses that can help me connect with that business?

With these types of questions, it may require you do research to ensure you have a quality list of   targeted prospects to call. This means searching online, checking their social media pages, LinkedIn, etc. One you find all this information, you must load it into your CRM for that specific account. So now when you call on that prospect, you know exactly who to ask for and have an idea of the value proposition for them, which ultimately increases your chances of securing that appointment with them! This preparation allows you to be smart about how you call vs. just calling a random list with no information! This is not hard to do but takes time and discipline to plan ahead.

  1. Prepare Enough Calls to be Successful: This may seem like an oversimplification but coming prepared to your bull pen sessions with enough to call on is critical. AND enough of a TARGETED LIST like in #1. If for example you make 20 dials per hour and you have 8 hours of cold calling, you must have at minimum 160 targeted dials ready to go. Seems obvious but if you don’t, you will be forced to do a random search in your CRM system and that will lead to unknown results.
  2. Remove Weak Language: If this is your first time calling the prospect, every detail counts for a first impression. Weak words such as “possibly”, “hopefully”, “maybe”, etc. do not convey confidence. If your doctor said that ABC procedure would “hopefully” help you, how confident would you feel in the doctor or procedure? These types of weak words can slip in and cause you to lose value immediately on the phone!
  3. Call with a Specific Objective in Mind: When you are calling, what is your objective? Are you working to secure an appointment? Close a sale? What is it? Then you must ask yourself, “Does my scripting match up to my objective?” I hear it on the phones when a sales rep calls and their objective does not seem clear – there are no closing questions for an appointment or sale and only statements. Call with an objective and ensure your scripting aligns with it.
  4. Scripting: Do you have a phone script written out and do you follow it? About 84% of you as you reading this are saying, “I don’t do scripts because it doesn’t sound natural!” There is where I respectfully disagree – if you have ever watched a movie or TV show, it is all scripted. HOWEVER, it doesn’t sound scripted because the actors/actresses have mastered and memorized the scripts so their DELIVERY sounds natural and smooth! Phone scripts are no different – when you have it mastered and memorized, it sounds smooth and natural. The reason you want scripts is that it will help you stay focus on your objective (#4) and so you can remove weak language (#3).
  5. Warm the Vocals Up: One common mistake I see are reps not properly warming up their vocals before their first dial. This is equivalent to a world class athlete not properly warming up before whatever sport they engage in! Take 15 minutes to warm your vocals up – review your scripting out loud with your peers or sales managers. Roleplay a few times and warm up your brain and vocals! You’ll see by doing this, it makes it even easier to hit the first dial!

So there you have it: 6 Simple Ways to Improve Your Cold Calling Sessions Immediately! If you like this article, please share below. Also, access my free Cheat Sheet on 4 Proven Steps to My B2B Sales Process to Earn You 6-Figures+ Annually!

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