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7 Things That Impact Your Brand Before Your First Meeting

Your prospect is judging YOU even before your first meeting.

What many sales pro’s don’t realize is that their brand is starting to form in the prospect’s eyes based off tiny details before even meeting.

Each detail can either HELP or HURT you.

Here are 7 things that impact your BRAND before your first meeting:

1. Your professionalism and relatability on the phone: do you sound likeable and trustworthy on the phones?

2. Your prospecting process: are you being annoying or are you adding value?

3. Your email punctuation/grammar: do your emails make sense?

4. Your LinkedIn profile/company website: does your LI profile/company website build credibility and trust?

5. Your punctuality to the meeting: are you on time?

6. How you’re dressed to the first meeting: are you dressed to represent your brand properly?

7. Your energy at first introduction: do you have positive energy or nervous energy?

All 7 of these impact this: can they TRUST you do business with you?

If you navigate these well, you’ve already set yourself up to win before the first meeting.

If you do these poorly, you’ve already lost the client before meeting.

Do you agree?

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