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7 Tips to Leading Remote Teams Successfully

Many leaders are now several weeks into leading their teams remotely.

Some are thriving and some are struggling..

Here are 7 tips to leading remote teams successfully:

1. Have a clear agenda for all video meetings: Since all team meetings are virtual, it’s a great time to assess if each one is vital! If there is NOT a clear agenda and outcome designed for each meeting..cancel it. Don’t have a meeting to have a meeting!

2. Have scheduled debriefs every single week with each direct report: Overcommunication is critical and having debriefs scheduled is important to ensure you are properly supporting each member.

3. Don’t send a million emails: Since it’s all virtual now, it can be tempting to fire off tons of emails or Slack messages. STOP-you’re only disrupting the workflow of your people. Save as much communication for your virtual meetings or debriefs.

4. Collaborate to create a schedule: Some members can thrive with creating their own routine..most WON’T and need some sort of structure. Help them map it out!

5. Stop “Checking in”: Stop with the random calls, texts, emails, etc. to “check in.” You’re being a micromanager!

6. Uncover and Remove Obstacles: Enough said

7. Be flexible: Sometimes you’ll hear babies or dogs in the background. Don’t sweat the small stuff!

What would you add?

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