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70 Lessons in 70 Days of Entrepreneurship

So last week I wrote an article “14 Reasons Why I Loved My 14 Years in Corporate America” and I received some AWESOME feedback on it!

I also got recommended at that point of writing a piece on 60+ lessons I learned for each day I’ve been an entrepreneur…so CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Since today is Day 70, here are 70 Lessons I’ve Learned in 70 Days of Entrepreneurship:

There is no particular order, just the mess in my head of all the the lessons or micro-lessons I’ve learned or have been reminded of! So here we go!

  1. Entrepreneurship is HARD and HUMBLING.
  2. Social media is full of fake “WANTrepreneurs.”
  3. Being consistent is more important than big moves.
  4. Discipline truly equals freedom.
  5. Be flexible in your approach and don’t give up.
  6. Always serve others before serving yourself.
  7. Smalls wins are key to celebrate early on.
  8. Clearly define leading indicators for success.
  9. Provide massive value upfront and it’ll pay dividends on the back-end.
  10. Reviewing goals 2X per day is key for staying focused.
  11. Having 1, 3, and 5 year goals are a must.
  12. When people don’t support your goals, it’s not because they don’t believe in you..it’s that they don’t believe in themselves.
  13. Block out negativity.
  14. Positive energy attracts positive people.
  15. The internet is amazing for connecting – I’ve made new friends in the Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, India, South America, etc.
  16. Always do the right thing as you never know who you are inspiring.
  17. It’s an amazing feeling when clients do what you recommend and see immediate results.
  18. Be intentional with every decision as there will always be some sort of result/impact later on.
  19. If you don’t plan your day out, you can lose the whole day without realizing it.
  20. Play to your strengths and outsource what you can to other vendors.
  21. Seek help from others that specialize in skills you need.
  22. Surround yourself with successful people to help give you direction.
  23. Only take advice from people that have achieved what you want.
  24. You need to be massively clearly with what your daily/weekly/quarterly/annual objectives are.
  25. Everything takes longer than you think.
  26. Always keep moving – don’t stop.
  27. Building an empire is better with someone you love at your side!
  28. The #1 challenge most new businesses have is brand awareness.
  29. LinkedIn is amazing for building B2B relationships from around the world.
  30. Organic traffic is always amazing especially on LinkedIn.
  31. Instagram and Facebook make it hard to drive organic traffic without paid ads.
  32. Plan time to eat otherwise you can work 14 hours straight and not realize it.
  33. Build a routine for physical health.
  34. Your routine must also include emotional, spiritual, and mental health.
  35. Read and listen daily to keep your head focused.
  36. Systems for scalability are critical since you do everything on your own.
  37. Create templates for everything that you use consistently.
  38. Websites are super hard to build if you don’t know what you’re doing.
  39. Videos are awesome to provide massive value to your target audience.
  40. Captioning videos increases engagement drastically.
  41. Captioning videos manually takes a LOOOOONNNGG time.
  42. Video Captioning services are AWESOME but charge a lot.
  43. Camtasia is a great tool to use for basic beginners for video editing.
  44. Sending videos to people when they connect with you on LinkedIn is a fun way to make new friends.
  45. Internet trolls exist on every platform – best to ignore them.
  46. Some people just post to post on social media without any true content.
  47. After you start something new like this, it becomes crystal clear who is an actual supporter.
  48. Being on podcasts and live interviews to share value is an awesome way to make new connections.
  49. No matter who you interact with, you can learn from them.
  50. You know more than you think you know.
  51. Zoom is amazing for video calls and conference.
  52. Calendly is amazing for booking appointments.
  53. Solo 401K’s are an incredible way to reduce taxable income.
  54. Having a good accountant is critical for protecting your assets.
  55. Oregon has some great programs to provide assistance for new business owners.
  56. Facebook Ads can be expensive if you don’t know what you are doing.
  57. Facebook Ads targeting is incredibly detailed.
  58. Facebook knows a LOT about each person…
  59. Leadpages is a great tool for opt-in’s.
  60. Small details matter for conversions.
  61. Copywriting is a true skill.
  62. Writing articles is a true art to be able to paint a story and lessons.
  63. KingSumo is an awesome software to use for doing giveaways.
  64. Buffer is a great tool for managing social media platforms.
  65. Using a content calendar is critical for planning out content or you’ll get overwhelmed trying to plan day by day.
  66. Microsoft Apps still continue to be my favorite for organization and productivity: Outlook, OneNote, etc.
  67. Stripe and Paypal have a monopoly as payment processors and charge too high for fees.
  68. Marketing and sales principles such as AIDA (Attention, Interest, Decision, Action) are timeless and very much applicable.
  69. Always run lean and keep expenses down no matter your cashflow situation as this allows you to make the best decisions for the long term.
  70. Have FUN and enjoy the process of discomfort and growth as that is where the magic happens!

So CONGRATULATIONS – You’ve made it through! As we enter into the back half of this week, I am incredibly grateful for all these lessons so far and look forward to many more lessons! So what are your thoughts? For the new entrepreneurs in their first year, what are some lessons you’ve learned? Make sure to comment, like, and share below!

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