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8 Things You MUST HAVE and KNOW to Earn $250K – $1M+/Year

Want to earn $250K+ per year?



Regardless of your big income goal, there are 8 things you MUST HAVE and KNOW in order to achieve it:

1️⃣ A comp plan that ALLOWS you to get there

(You can’t hit a $500K goal if you’re maxed at $200K)

2️⃣ Know your ACCELERATORS

(What JUICES your comp)

3️⃣ Know your DECELERATORS

(What HURTS your comp)

4️⃣ The RIGHT Pipeline

(Enough said)

5️⃣ The RIGHT OTE Structure

(A low OTE makes it much harder to hit a high income goal as you may need to do 400-800% to target to hit a high goal.)

6️⃣ Know your WHY

(You need PURPOSE that will drive you to take action even when you don’t feel like it)

7️⃣ Have the RIGHT consistent habits

(Earning a consistently high income is a result of consistent habits or else you become a one-hit wonder)

8️⃣ Have the RIGHT skills

(If you don’t have the skills to pay the bills, then you must go acquire them as fast as possible)

What would you add?

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