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8 Ways Phone Script DON’T Work

“Phone scripts don’t work!”🤮

This is TRUE only if the following are in play:🤔

1. You don’t have it memorized.

2. You haven’t practiced it.

3. It was a script written in 1972.

4. It was written by people who have never done phone work.

5. You lack voice inflection.

6. You lack core functional appointment-booking components in the script.

7. You aren’t injecting YOU or your PERSONALITY into it.

8. You’re a robot or sound like one🤖

If the exact OPPOSITE are in play, then scripts are INCREDIBLY effective as they are essentially word tracks!

Just like 99.9% of movies that are SCRIPTS, those actors/actresses know it so well it sounds NATURAL and unscripted.

Do you agree?

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