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9 Areas to Look For in a Company When Interviewing

Are you currently interviewing for a new job?

I know it can be overwhelming..😔

BUT did you know that YOU are interviewing THEM too?

That’s right.

Companies WANT to hire the BEST talent.

That means you should be picky if you can afford it.

However, it can be overwhelming with what’s important.

You should always do YOUR own research beforehand.

But here’s a simple list of criteria you should have them explain/show you:

✅ Culture: Do you jive and can you thrive with it?

✅ Vision: Is the company innovating for the future?

✅ Upward mobility: Can you move up?

✅ Leadership Team: Do you trust the leadership?

✅ Comp Plan: Is it rewarding and how often does it change?

✅ Training: What’s the new hire and ONGOING training like?

✅ Development Training: Is there training to DEVELOP future skills in you?

✅ Financial Stability: What’s the cash flow situation?

✅ And any other things that are important to you.

You can add other things of course, but this is a baseline.

Do you agree?

What would you add as criteria?

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    What is the turnover % ?

    1. 6x6 Success says:

      That’s a great one! I like that you know that question as not many would – I’d get super granular: what’s the rolling 12-month turnover percent and what’s the first year survival rate?

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