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A Mentor’s Perspective

“I made a terrible mistake. I’m gonna quit”-Me.

“Help me understand why”-My mentor.

I explained.

I left my prior company after 6 years of great results, promotions, accolades, etc.

Came to this new company with hopes of doing even more great things.

6 months into my new job and company..

..my VP quit.

..my director quit.

..my sales manager quit.

Pretty much everyone that hired me quit.

The future looked dismal.

I was now completely second-guessing the decision I made to leave my prior company..so I called my mentor.

He listened quietly while I explained emotionally to him.

“Ok-I’m not going to try to convince you otherwise. However, do those people leaving mean YOU won’t be successful?”-Mentor

“Um no”-Me

“What truly determines YOUR success?”-Mentor

“..I guess the actions I take?”-Me

“You got it. Do what you believe is best but remember: your destiny is formed by the decisions you make”-Mentor

I decided to stay.

A few months later, I was promoted and the rest is history.

Life is full of choices.

One choice I’m thankful for is choosing a good mentor back then.

A good mentor can give you perspective in your darkest times and can guide you to make decisions that impact a lifetime.

Do you agree?

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