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Podcast Interview on The Anthony Eisenman Show

When you start in sales, you inevitably go through this cycle:

1) You start off SUPER excited about the potential!

2) Then you start and you are still excited!

3) Then you hit tons of obstacles…

4) Then you realize there is a LOT of rejection..

5) You’ll then hit a point, in which you question if you should even stay in sales…

This is the point that if you can push through and have success, there’s high likelihood that you’ll have a thriving career in sales!

If you CAN’T push through, then you’ll end up changing jobs completely..

I share below how I overcame that initial hump of dealing with rejection on my interview on The Anthony Eisenman show!

We also discuss some great topics including:

✅ Starting in outside sales and figuring out how to master the mental game!

✅ Being a sales leader vs. individual contributor!

✅ Why sales is the BEST career!

✅ And so much more!

Click here for the full interview!

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