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Ants Can Teach Us a Lot About Sales

Ants can teach us a lot about sales 🐜

Let me explain:

I noticed some ants in my house about 4 weeks ago.

I saw they came in through a small crack.

So I sealed the crack up and put an ant trap close by.

The next day, I noticed no ants.

3 days later, I noticed some ants under the kitchen sink.

I couldn’t find where they came from..

So I cleaned the area and placed an ant trap there.

The next day, no ants.

A few days later, I noticed ants by the front door!

I placed another trap there.

In fact, I placed traps by all the main areas.

A week went by and finally no ants.

This is what I found fascinating:

The ants had a goal: get in the house and find food.

They tried the crack.

The sink.

The main entrance.


They didn’t just try the crack and give up after I sealed it.

They kept looking for other ways to get in.

This is much like sales.

Once you find that qualified prospect..

You can’t just email once and give up.

You also can’t just keep emailing hoping they’ll respond.

You must be like the ant:

You must get creative and look for other channels to get in!

You must use an omni-channel approach!

You can:

✅ Call

✅ Send a video DM

✅ Send a video email

✅ Send a package


✅ Etc.

Be like the ant.

Get creative and find a way in.



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