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Ask More to Sell More

“Gents, I like everything we discussed today. Let me think about it and get back to you!”-Prospect

I looked at my rep running point on the call.

“What EXACTLY do you need to think about?”-Rep

I smiled like a proud dad.

“Uh..nothing..I just would like a day to think about it”-Prospect

“I totally get that-when would you like me to follow up?”-Rep

“Thursday is great”-Prospect

I jumped in.

“Great Tony-just so we know, what did you like MOST about what we discussed today?”-Me

“Well, I liked how your program helps us consolidate multiple vendors and you guys will service it”-Prospect

“Great-what else?”-Me

“I like how it will save us time and the pricing is fair”-Prospect

“Perfect, was there anything you were unsure of that would make you hesitant to partner up together?”-Me

“I guess not”-Prospect

“Based on what you just told me, it seems like a no-brainer. I’d hate to waste your time with another call. Should we just get you set up today?”-Me

“Yeah, you’re right-let’s do it!”-Prospect

5 minutes later we walked out with a new happy client and the rep made $2500 in commission.

If you don’t like your prospect’s answer, it’s ok.

Learn to ask BETTER questions.

Do you agree?

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