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Avoid These Subtle Mistakes on Cold Calls

I hear a LOT of the same mistakes done on cold calls.

But they are SUBTLE mistakes.

Most do not even realize they are doing it.

But they are COSTING the reps the appointment, which results in real 💰 being lost.

Most reps say something like this when the DM answers:

“Hi DM, my name is Marcus with X. How are you?”

This may seem fine to some, but this SCREAMS:

“You don’t know me and I’m gonna try to sell you!”

The DM’s guard is AUTOMATICALLY up.

Here’s how you tweak it:

“Hi DM, It’s Marcus with X. Thanks for taking my call! The reason I’m calling is..”

Here’s why it works:

🔥”It’s (your name)” is what a friend says when they call them!

This creates a subtle pattern interrupt as they think through how they may know you!

🔥”Thanks for taking my call” is BETTER than “how are you” because frankly, the latter disingenuous!

🔥”The reason I’m calling is” is direct and to the point! Nobody wants to hear FLUFF upfront.

These tweaks are powerful statements and set the tone for the call.

Do you agree?

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    100% agree

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