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Be an Action-Taker and Not a Noise-Maker

I was at the bottom of the stack rankings when I started in sales.

For 2 months I stayed at the bottom.

So I did what any typical person would do:

I complained..

I blamed..

I made a lot of NOISE about WHY I wasn’t having results.

For every solution offered to me, I had an excuse.

So what happened?

I stayed at the bottom.

Until I took 100% ownership and action.

That’s when my results took off.

Ownership and action is what changes the game.

Tim, one of my clients, is a great example of this.

Before we started working with him..

He was not happy with his sales results.

From booking meetings, running sales calls, etc.

Tim didn’t blame and complain though.

He took ownership and action.

We started working with him.

He started booking more appointments IMMEDIATELY.

That led to more closed deals in a FASTER time frame.

Fast forward <3 months?

He’s earned $19K+ EXTRA from 2 pay increases, commission, bonuses, and a sales competition.

($14,500 in the screenshot and commish on top)

So be like Tim.


Do you agree?

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