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Being a CLOSER Does NOT Mean You’re Good At Sales

Being a “closer” does NOT mean you’re good at sales.

Closing is actually the EASIEST part of the sales process.

You know what’s actually the HARDEST part?

Booking ENOUGH QUALIFIED meetings with prospects.

I remember:

..starting out in sales.

..struggling on the phones.

..going door-to-door canvassing businesses.

..having an empty calendar.

..the mental turmoil I went through daily.

..the constant second-guessing of myself.

..my confidence getting shaken daily.

..wanting to quit daily.

..worrying about getting fired daily.

Until I started figuring out little tweaks.

Little tweaks that led to more qualified meetings.

And yes – obviously more sales.

I’ve put together a @RevGenius article.

It has some super simple tweaks on..

6 Seriously Simple Tips to Booking More Appointments

It’s ungated and 100% free.

Grab it here..

If you want to book more appointments TODAY!

P.S. Tag a friend that could use the help. Don’t just hit quota.


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