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Being New in Sales is Like Driving to a New Destination

Being new in sales is a lot like driving somewhere new🚘

You may have an idea of the destination🧭️

As you get closer, you realize you are lost🤦

You now have a decision to make:

1) Keep driving around aimlessly and hope to find it or..

2) Throw it into Google or Apple Maps.

If you do the first one, no matter how HARD you try you may or may not get there.

If you do 2, you’ll get the EXACT path to arrive there.

This is exactly like sales.

If you do 1 and just try really hard, you may or may not have sales success.

Making more dials or seeing more people won’t necessary get your results.

If you do 2 and follow a proven path taught by someone who has been there countless times, you’ll arrive there faster!

Which path do you prefer?

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