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Being New to Sales is Tough

When I first started in B2B sales in 2007, I wanted to quit.

I had zero training.

I had a manual written by people who had never done outside sales.

So I pounded the pavement going to businesses door-to-door.

I also hit the phones hard making tons of dials.

I had very LITTLE success early on.

Did I close any deals in the first couple months?

A couple.

My boss just told me it was a “numbers game” and to just “see more people.”

That didn’t make sense to me..

From an activity perspective, I was running circles around everyone else.

But my results were still one of the worst.

I thought I had a closing problem.

But then I started digging in and I uncovered that I actually had a decent closing ratio.

I kept digging deeper.

The root problem?

I had a lead gen problem.

I was working to generate all types of leads and most were NOT qualified prospects and ultimately led to me wasting my time.

I shifted my focus to generating more targeted leads and I rose to the top quickly in results.

I learned a two things here:

1. Always know your numbers.


2. Never take advice from someone that has not achieved what you want.

Do you agree?

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