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Brain Farts on Sales Calls

You finally book that appointment with that tough prospect.

You are excited + nervous for the appointment.

The day comes for that appointment.

It starts off well with some rapport.

The prospect answers your first couple of questions  easily.

And then it happens.

A brain fart.

You can’t think of what to ask next.

So you start to panic.

Your instinct?

You know tons of product knowledge/info about your company.

So you start telling the prospect about it.


You start vomiting info for 15 minutes.

The prospect doesn’t say a word and just nods.

Finally you’re done and you ask, “Does that make sense?”


The meeting is over now.

You literally have no idea where you stand.

You also realize you missed at least 50% of the key questions to ask that will help you with progressing the sale forward😭

Sound familiar?

I’ve been there and it’s a terrible feeling.

Fortunately, I have a solution.

It’s a Sales Call Strategy Planning sheet you fill out in advance.

You map out the info you know and you write in the questions you need to ask.

So if a brain fart happens?

Just look at your sheet to trigger a reminder.

Take notes on it, write in next steps, etc.

It’s designed to be a guide for success.

Free link here👊



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