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How to Sniff Out Any BS When Interviewing Sales Candidates

Sales turnover is a growth killer📉

There are many reasons for high turnover.

One of the biggest reasons is a bad hiring process.

A bad process is bad for the company and the EMPLOYEE.

It’s bad for the company because it’s:

🚫Costly to hire and train.

🚫Makes it more difficult to hit quota

🚫And so much more..

It’s bad for the employee because it:

😞It’s hard on them when they don’t perform

😞It’s stressful when they realize it’s a mismatch

😞And so much more..

I share one simple tip I used when interviewing to help sniff out any “BS” with Russ Macumber!

This tip also ensures it’s a good fit for future hires!

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How do you sniff out the BS in an interview?

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