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How to Sell Effectively to Businesses in Today’s Crisis Environment

If you want to sell effectively in times of crisis like today, you must be aware of the modes businesses are in.

When there is turmoil, history has shown that businesses will go into 1 of 3 modes:

1) Shut-Down: These companies are usually cash-poor and may either close down completely or immediately start drastically cutting costs.

You’ll frustrate DM’s if you are trying to sell to them UNLESS your solution can solve an immediate problem for them that helps them survive. However, be empathetic and keep a close relationship with them regardless.

2) Assess and Adapt: These companies are usually ahead of the game. They will look internally to see what do they need to do to continue to thrive. They are open to making changes for the future.

These companies are worth your time as when shifts are being made, your solution could be one of those shifts.

3) Charge Ahead: These companies are not worried and they running hard to continue to dominate. The turmoil either has minimal impact or their biz may be thriving as a result.

These companies are also worth your time as you can ride the momentum.

Do you agree?

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