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Do Something Your Future Self Will Thank You For

In 2007-2008, the economy/world was falling apart.

Businesses were shutting down.

Families were losing their homes.

People were losing their retirement.

It was a scary time and most people naturally went into “scarcity” mode.

Meaning, they stopped spending money, investing, etc.

Although it’s completely normal to feel this way, this “scarcity” mode actually hurt the economy and small businesses MORE..

Leading to more businesses shutting down and the world entering a recession.

During this time, I fortunately did the opposite.

I continued to invest in…

The stock market.

Index funds.

Maxing my 401K.

Courses and workshops.



I doubled down on my future buying at a discount while also investing heavily into my own personal development.

I saw ZERO GAIN for the short term.

But then a couple years later, I saw explosive growth in..

My income.

My results.

My net worth.

My skills and ability.

My career.


Today’s environment reminds me a lot of that time frame.

It’s easy to get emotional in times like this.

But slow down, assess, and look for opportunities to invest.

Do something your future self will thank you for..TODAY.

Do you agree?

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