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Does Your Sales Process Pass The “2nd Date Test”?

Does your sales process pass “The 2nd Date Test”?

Here’s what I mean:

Everyone has been on bad 1st dates🤣

I’m sure you have had some stories..

There’s obviously odd people out there and..

You’re not going to click with everyone..

But there’s usually one common theme about bad first dates.

The bad date usually never stops talking.

Their opinions, thoughts, etc. on what makes them “great”..

On the flip side, if the person spent most of the date..

Asking you insightful questions..

Getting to know you.

Your dreams, goals, who you are..

And what makes you great..

Their focus is on YOU.

Then you are more likely to like them.

And more likely to have a 2nd date!

This applies to sales too.

If you have a sales call with a prospect..

And spend most of the meeting pitching your product..

They are unlikely to buy or have future meetings with you.

BUT, if you focus on passing “The 2nd Date Test”..

By spending most of the call asking insightful questions..

Getting to know them and their business..

Learning what drives them..

Then they are more likely to trust and do business with you!

Do you agree?

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