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Does Your Sales Process Pass the “Airplane Magazine” Test?

Does your sales process pass the “Airplane Magazine” test?

If you’re not getting the results you want..

Chance are good that it does not..

Here’s what I mean:

Think back to the last time you flew somewhere..

And when you looked at the airline magazine.

Did they fill it with airplane specs?

“Glamour shots” of their fleet of planes?

How awesome their planes are?


It’s filled with DESTINATIONS you can fly to with them!

Exotic places.

Fantastic experiences.

Amazing restaurants.

Incredible memories you can make.

It’s focused on the DESIRED END RESULT.

And of course..

The best way to achieve it is through flying with them!

If you focus on the “destination” your prospect wants..

And not on the “plane”…

You’ll sell more as a result.

Do you agree?

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